8 things to do before planning a baby

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There are a list of things a couple needs to do before planning a baby. It is altogether a starting to a newer phase of life. Along with welcoming the little one, the couple needs to manage on finance, mental level and physical surroundings.

Here are a number of points which will help you organize this phase of life gently.

1. Say bye to Drugs, Pubs and Coffee mugs

The first thing you need to do before planning a baby is to stop any type of drug intake. If you are a regular consumer you should give yourself ample amount of time to get off the drug routine. Hard Drinks and Caffeine are often considered unhealthy during pregnancy. Partying late nights might also lead to an unstable routine which may affect health of the baby .

2. Doctor Doctor Help Us !

Regular check-ups are necessary before and after conceiving a baby. The couple should go for STD( Sexually Transmitted Disease) test and the woman should opt for a regular body check up before planning a pregnancy. Check-ups by a family mother or a professional doctor is recommended once you conceive.

3. No weeping , only sleeping

The would be mother should schedule her sleep for at least 8 hours. The couple together can grow a baby healthy by helping each other create a positive environment. There should be no crying as the bad mood adversely affects the baby’s growth.

4. Energize through Exercise

Exercising is essential for both mother and the baby. It helps you remain active and your baby grow healthy. You need to follow this everyday to make your little one wear the fur dresses you have planned.

5. Cravings and Savings

One must cut down on costs before planning a baby. You need to be reluctant in buying useless stuff you earlier did. Saving money for future prospects would help you and him grow into a beautiful life ahead. It is suggested to start buying stuff your baby will require to avoid a sudden burden. Some essentials include baby accessories, clothes, toys and tethers.

6. The dude Mood

Your husband should be ready to deal with the mood swings you will come up with. He must be prepared to choose between blue and pink dress suddenly after a meal. You yourself will see your emotional level changing excessively.

8. Planning

An essential to parenthood is pre planning. Planning about money, baby requirements, future lifestyle, self sacrifice and innumerable things join in when you decide the entrance of a newbie. Make sure you have sufficient funds to give him or her a prestigious life.

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