8 things to take care in handling your first baby

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A huge amount of stress lies under the excitement of a first baby. “Handle with care” is the only guide for nurturing your baby safely.


Good feed diet

Remember, whatever you eat, will be consumed by your baby. Make sure you have a rich nutritious diet to make your kid healthy. A diet rich in carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins is highly recommended. Also one must check in case of any allergies.


Don’t forget to wash or sanitize your hands

The best works out when you wash and sanitize simultaneously. One, you should avoid touching the baby. Second, whenever you do, hygiene should be kept in mind.


Shaking can be risky

Like a basic Indian habit, don’t throw your kid in air and catch him/her like a mere ball. Babies are very sensitive towards shaking, their bones tend to grow in the early days. Hence, shaking can be really risky


Diaper techniques

Your baby will probably dirty his/her diaper 10 times a day. You must make sure about his hygiene. Clean towels and regular diaper changing should be done. The diaper chosen must be good in quality and shouldn’t harm the baby with any kinds of rashes. During the time you are available and the baby is indoor, try to use cloth instead of diapers.


Tidy clothes

Come out of pink and blue stereotypical gender colours and give your baby a pleasure of every color. Simultaneously, don’t restrict to the basic shorts or skirts. Outshine your baby with the trendy dungarees, shorts, dresses and over coats. Make sure that you keep a regular check on your baby’s hygiene and constantly change his/her clothes. After all a happy mood starts with cleanliness.


Regular bathing

We know how difficult it is to make your first baby bath. Guidance from elders are recommended. One must also make sure that the baby is covered with a soft towel immediately after bathing.



To avoid cranky behaviour you must provide your baby a huge basket of toys. Generally babies are attracted towards toys with lights and sound effects. Make sure his routine is full of joy and happiness through these small surprises. A good mood, is a key to both of yours good day.


World of colors

You must have experienced your baby touching bright colors crafted on your clothes or bed sheet, babies tend to get attracted to these colors and seem to be indulged playing with them. Rather than weakening his eyes with your phone, try and make his room colorful. Accessorize him/her with colorful gloves, frock fur or clips. This would make him busy and happy.

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