Awesome tips for Dressing your New Born Baby

dress up your new bornYou are overwhelmed if it is a “girl” since you love to dress her up in the fanciest way you want.

Even if it is a boy, the options available are fantastic, though a little less fancy but too “Yanky”.


Here is a list of options to calm your cravings of dressing your newbie.




1.Cotton Frocks

Your relatives must have gifted you all the possible shades of pinks and reds on your daughter’s birth. Even your desires during pregnancy are craving to dress the little fairy in the cutest way. It is equally important to take care of her comfort along with the desired look. Cotton frocks are a good option which helps you fulfill both the requirements.



A single piece dress which makes your baby girl look smart and tidy. You can add matching booties and small velcro clips along with this cool look



3.Cool shorts

The baby is happiest when in easy clothes. Shorts tend to be the most convenient and help her look a little modish. You can club it up with short socks and a cute top.


4.Loose T shirts

A single loose T shirt along with a nappy can help your baby look smart and comfortable. Your baby can perform the best when she is relaxed and wearing the coolest clothes. This is also the best combination when at home.


5.Skirt and Top

Dreaming of how would she look during her teenage?

Try the little one a mini skirt with a crop top. This would give her a cute yet beautiful look. You can club it up with small ribbon bracelets and clips.




1.Loose pyjamas-

Make them go gaga on their favorite pyjamas. They can easily move and stay cool with them. You can pair it up with a vest or a T shirt.



Make him a ‘Gentle Baby’, checked printed or plain you can shirt him up with any of these. Make him look smart and add a bow to make him look gentler.



Give him a glance of his future wear. Make sure that the material is soft and club it up with crocks. You can even make him look trendy by opting for ribbed jeans.


Anytime wear, though perfect for homes. Your baby will have a cool summer with these crazy pairs. You can combine these with anything and everything you want.

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