What should I feed my teething baby?

what to feed a teething baby

It is that time of your baby?

Can’t handle the cranky behaviour your baby is going through?

Or you too are sad because of your baby’s  pain.

Relax. We are here to help you with all the possible solutions.

Teething is often considered the first phase of growing, why not celebrate it?

Here is a list of options for you to chill and make your baby happy..


1. Carrots –

Teething causes high amount of irritability and hard food brings a little ease to it. Carrots serves as a nutritious as well as comfortable food while your baby is teething. Though you must take care about the way your baby swallows it.


2. Teething Biscuits-

The sweet as well as hard cravings of the baby can be met with these biscuits. They release the irritability and compliment the taste of the baby.


3. Chilled food purees-

Food purees help the baby consume a lot of nutrition without the fear of swallowing. Chilling these provide ease to the aching tooth and helps the baby to fill his tummy.


4. Cold drinks-

Ask your baby how relaxing it is to have cool drinks during this teething period. Like all the above mentioned options, it relieves the baby and make his cranky mood back to normal.


5. Chewing toys-

Even when your baby is full  the itching in his teeth can be met by chewing toys. Excess of everything is bad and hence we have these toys to relieve you whenever required.


6. Banana-

It is a dual combination of health and relaxation. Many a times the baby becomes fussy and stops eating everything. Their stubbornness towards not eating can be met with smashed banana. It is easy for them to consume it and maintain their diet.


7. Milk –

Anytime and every time baby companion is milk. You can have it during any phase of growing. It is often considered the most easy and nutritious diet of all times.


8. Daliya-

One easy way and nutritive food mix is Daliya. Your baby can have it easily and it can be made in both sweet and salty ways.


Further you can massage your baby by using a clean finger or you may use a spoon chilled in the fridge (not the freezer, or it can stick!) can offer much-needed relief. Just apply the rounded part of the spoon to baby’s gums. Best for before any teeth actually break through to avoid the risk of chipping a tooth.

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